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emember, “details are the difference between ordinary and extraordinary”!
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Enchanting, romantic, elegant, and picturesque are all attributes of the hills of Tuscany, Italy.  A region so illustrious, that it was the backdrop of the movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun”!    

Betty Lou Phillips


egin with a Tuscan palette of hues natural to the landscape and architecture, of this mediterranean region. Rich terracotta, olive greens, ancient stone, vintage wine,  cote d’ azur blue and blood orange capture the shades of Tuscany.



urfaces and textures are the basic building blocks of Tuscan style. Stucco or Venetian plaster walls are a       signature Italian element, combined with distressed hardwood floors and suddenly you have yourself a villa!  


emember, “details are the difference between ordinary and extraordinary”!


stablished in 2007, EnVouge Designs by Nita is a High Point, NC based interior design firm, specializing in luxury residential interior design. Located in the furniture capital of the world, EnVouge Designs has become a destination firm with clients from the United States and abroad. EnVouges' design philosophy is "details are the difference between ordinary and  extraordinary"

Extraordinary Interior Design!

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” – Andre Putman

By Nita Y. Barnes of En Vouge Designs

ufted leather, glen plaid, luxurious chenille and bullion fringe embellish this stunning custom designed sectional sofa.  Interior Designer, Nita Y. Barnes of EnVouge Designs said, “my goal was to achieve a sophisticated, warm and inviting environment, without being intimidating. By employing a neutral palette and a demure Peshawar rug, the opulent size of the sofa becomes ever so subtle!”  


emember, “details are the difference between ordinary and extraordinary”!
                             “Le bon Dieu est dans le detail"

                                                 - Gustave Flaubert

Grand European Style  ......

Christopher Guy Harrison

The internationally inspired designs of Christopher Guy Harrison are legendary for merging classic and modern elements. This year, the designer, himself, became a legend as he received the highest honors of World Market Center Las Vegas: the Design Icon Award. The "Design Icon" award honors design visionaries who have created a body of work that left an indelible print on the industry. 
In the early 1990s, Guy had a vision. "I’m going to create the finest mirror collection in the world," he said. In 1993, he did just that, moving from Spain to Java, a dusty little town that was home to the finest mahogany carvers in the world. There, he began Harrison & Gil, a prestigious mirror frame collection. Over time, he built a state-of-the art facility, employing more than 1,400 craftsmen. After much success with the mirror collection, Guy told about how he decided to expand his scope into luxury furnishings. 
In 2006, the Christopher Guy brand was born, uniting mirrors and luxury furnishings in harmony. Today, it is a global brand with its headquarters in Singapore.

Composed in a myriad of carved ovals, this dramatic headboard is a stunning addition 
to any bedroom with a contemporary feel.


Stunning diamond back design with musical clef inspired detail and straight legs, a fitting complement to a contemporary interior.

A Christopher Guy signature mahogany writing desk, embodied with intricately hand carved motifs, a lacquered writing top, and concealed writing drawers.

This oval headboard is based on a legendary Christopher Guy design, inspired by the Chapeau worn by Camilla Parker Bowles at her Royal Wedding.

Guy’s products can be found across the world, in the finest homes in Beverly Hills and the Riviera, in movies such as The Devil Wears Prada and Casino Royale, in his flagship store in Beverly Hills and the Robert Allen | Beacon Hill showroom at Las Vegas Design Center, in hotels from Las Vegas to London and in casinos in Macau.

"Old World Interior Design"

bettylouphillisIs it a French Chateau or a Tuscan Villa you aspire to bring to life? "Old World Charm" and elegance is illustrated with texture, color, and patterns. Through the use of enchanting painted finishes and delightful distressed furniture, a room can journey back in time. A color palette of hues including french bleu, sea foam green, alabaster, rich walnuts and burled woods paint a picturesque scape of years gone by. A collage of varying textures and prints such as velvety chenilles, luxurious silks, and scenic toile evoke a tranquil and harmonious environment, which exemplifies "Old World Charm" at its best.

By incorporating touches of wrought iron mixed with wood, woven tapestries and a hint of chinoiserie, rooms capture the eclectic aspect of "Old World" style. Accessorize with candelabras, leather-bound books, and venetian mirrors. Group paintings of similar subject matter or hues creating a collection, to continue the art onto the floor, always include a great rug to anchor the room. "A rug is the canvas by which all rooms are painted". A Peshawar or an Aubusson rug is the perfect "work of art" for an "Old World" room. To illuminate your dwelling, utilize torchieres, candliers and sconces. A drawing, farm, Irish wake or trestle table is a must for an "Old Word" dining room, with cane, ladder-back or regency chairs. Display your vintage wine collection in a custom cabinet to create the illusion of a French chateau. In the bedroom, layering custom linens with hand stitched embroidery are most essential. Complete the look by enlisting needlepoint or tapestry pillows. These small details can make an ordinary space extraordinary.
Remember, when it comes to color, "Old World Charm" takes its queues from nature and the Mediterranean Sea . True European style is not about every piece of furniture matching perfectly, but more about interesting pieces of furniture complementing each other in an effortless manner

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