raveling light …………well don’t forget you beauty passport!   Always bring your nail color for a “pop of color” and touch-ups.  Travel with a single face palette, including eye shadow, blush, and brow color. Finally, never leave home without an all-over bronzer and your signature fragrance.

La dolce Vita

Venice has always been a centre for architecture, fine arts and exquisite crafts. Most well-known are the glass factories centred on the islands of Burano and Murano, producing breathtakingly beautiful lamps, tableware and objets d'art.
Carnival Venice, Italy

The most attractive event is undoubtedly the Carnival: a splendid celebration that makes both locals and tourists forget everything else within the eight days in January (or February) each year when this colourful event is carried out. The programme consists of a row of concerts, balls, theatre performances and emblematic processions with masked participants. Namely, the rich decorated masks and costumes with magnificent ornaments represent the major appeal of Carnival. 

Murano Glass

Venice boasts some of the world’s finest fabrics and textile designs.   Luxurious silks, damasks, antique laces, velvets and intricate brocades are essential to Venetian interior design. 

Decor de Provence

   In Venice, even the sweet indulgence gelato, comes in  an array of rich and vibrant colors.

Italian Gelato

emember, “details are the difference between ordinary and extraordinary”! 

Destination Florence, Italy

ost people journey to Florence, Italy, to see Filippo Brunelleschi's "Duomo" or Dome of Florence, which is extraordinary in its own rite. However, an equally formidable masterpiece of Florence lays just steps away.  The Baptistery of San Giovanni, which is directly across from the "Duomo," actually possesses Florence's “Pièce de résistance!  Known as the "Gate of Paradise,” the 17-foot high doors of bronze reliefs, designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti, are the Duomo's    equivalent of the Sistine Chapel to the Vatican!  

The doors comprised significantly of ten bronze panel reliefs, each featuring scenes from the Old Testament, come alive through Ghiberti’s precise detail.  More than 50 scenes are represented on the ten panels. The doors took 27 years tocomplete.The present door is a replica; the original has been protected inside the Museo Dell'Opera Del Duomo since 1990. Replica or original, the San Giovanni Baptistery is a definite must see!

The scenes include:

Adam and Eve
Cain and Abel
The drunkenness of Noah
Esau and Jacob
Abraham and Isaac
Joseph sold into- slavery
Moses and the ten commandments
The fall of Jericho
David and Goliath
Solomon and the queen of Sheba

This panel depicts the story of Isaac, Esau and Jacob

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