Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Old World Charm"

bettylouphillisIs it a French Chateau or a Tuscan Villa you aspire to bring to life? "Old World Charm" and elegance is illustrated with texture, color, and patterns. Through the use of enchanting painted finishes and delightful distressed furniture, a room can journey back in time. A color palette of hues including french bleu, sea foam green, alabaster, rich walnuts and burled woods paint a picturesque scape of years gone by. A collage of varying textures and prints such as velvety chenilles, luxurious silks, and scenic toile evoke a tranquil and harmonious environment, which exemplifies "Old World Charm" at its best.

By incorporating touches of wrought iron mixed with wood, woven tapestries and a hint of chinoiserie, rooms capture the eclectic aspect of "Old World" style. Accessorize with candelabras, leather-bound books, and venetian mirrors. Group paintings of similar subject matter or hues creating a collection, to continue the art onto the floor, always include a great rug to anchor the room. "A rug is the canvas by which all rooms are painted". A Peshawar or an Aubusson rug is the perfect "work of art" for an "Old World" room. To illuminate your dwelling, utilize torchieres, candliers and sconces. A drawing, farm, Irish wake or trestle table is a must for an "Old Word" dining room, with cane, ladder-back or regency chairs. Display your vintage wine collection in a custom cabinet to create the illusion of a French chateau. In the bedroom, layering custom linens with hand stitched embroidery are most essential. Complete the look by enlisting needlepoint or tapestry pillows. These small details can make an ordinary space extraordinary.
Remember, when it comes to color, "Old World Charm" takes its queues from nature and the Mediterranean Sea . True European style is not about every piece of furniture matching perfectly, but more about interesting pieces of furniture complementing each other in an effortless manner

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