Monday, November 7, 2011

Living the Fashionable Life

Hello Friends,

How are you all? My name is Meagan Morrison and I’m a fellow blogger/full-time fashion illustrator who was asked by Nita to guest blog on Je ne sais quoi Lifestyle. From the minute I landed on her blog, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to contribute to the content of her pages. My blog, Travel, Write, Draw , is about living a fashionable life, interpreting the things I see and experience into illustrations that I can share with the world. Clearly Je ne sais quoi was in perfect alignment with the same sentiment I conveyed of living a life of style, with that certain intangible flare.      

People often ask me what it means to be a fashion illustrator, and the truth is, over the last ten years, the definition has truly changed. Fashion illustrators from the past were integral to the promotion and interpretation of runway collections. This was before photographers became the mainstream mode of capturing and communicating fashion of the moment. Now fashion illustration is about capturing a certain lifestyle: one that involves what and where we eat, shop, vacation, how we decorate our homes, as well as the concerts and museum exhibitions we attend.

To put it simply, fashion illustrators capture the Je ne sais quoi Lifestyle.  Everywhere I go I see inspiration. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I live in NYC’s West Village, where fashionable people, their pets, and children, are always surrounding me. It’s clear that where you buy your cupcakes is as important as where you buy your handbag. This is why it’s just as relevant to me to paint the most savory and elegant foods of the world as it is to paint the most lust worthy accessories. It’s obvious that Nita, like myself, not only appreciates the fashionable life but also grasps that such a thing exists. Fashion is so much more than what we wear.

So there you have it, my brief commentary on the fashionable life and the role I play in interpreting it. I thought it would be nice to include some of my illustrations that I feel depict exactly what I’m trying to convey in words. Hopefully it will inspire you to lead a Je ne sais quoi Lifestyle too.  Much love everyone and many thanks to Nita for this wonderful opportunity.

See you around,

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Guest blogger Meagan Morrison  is a New York based, Canadian fashion lifestyle illustrator  and the author of the extraordinary blog Travel, Write, Draw.  Her illustrations capture the very essence of Je ne sais quoi!

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